Looking for a better way to manage your quality improvement work?

SimpleQI's secure cloud-based platform helps you make the most of your time. Stop wrestling with spreadsheets and digging through emails and start driving real improvement.

"As a Director of a Learning Collaborative, SimpleQI makes it easy to see how our 22 teams are doing. I can get reports on use of our change package, or aggregate data on our collaborative measures. I can also drill down to see individual team PDSAs and documents, and comment directly on them to build a one-on-one connection with teams."    

Chloe Green, Collaborative Director
Health Leads

Plan & Measure Improvement

Collaboratively define drivers and change ideas that contribute to your aim. Run PDSA cycles to test your changes and theories, and chart your results. 

Streamline Measurement

Prepare, analyze, and visualize data using tools built for the sole purpose of supporting quality improvement projects.

Increase Visibility & Collaboration

View drivers and changes that are leading you toward or away from your goals. Share activities, learnings and experiences across projects to drive engagement and results.

"SimpleQI has improved and simplified the way that we collect and analyze data in our learning collaborative so that we can better focus our educational activities and quality improvement processes to help drive improvement in patient outcomes.” 

Suzanne Hockenberry, Program Manager
New Jersey Academy of Family Physicians

Feature Highlights

Plan & Measure Improvement

  • Develop driver diagrams that map improvement activities to achieve your aim.
  • Test changes and track PDSA cycles.
  • Link drivers and changes to measures.

Streamlined Measurement

  • Select the best measure type for monitoring and reporting results following step-by-step guidance.
  • Import baseline, capture and visualize data in run charts.
  • Detect signals of change with the automatic application of standard run chart rules and configurable medians.

Increase Visibility & Collaboration

  • View drivers and changes that are leading you toward or away from your goals.
  • Discover, learn from and build upon others' successes and failures.
  • Share PDSA learning, data, documents, and results.

Accelerated Improvement

  • From its easy-to-use interface to its automated data visualizations to its PDSA tracking, SimpleQI helps you conduct and learn from rapid tests of change.
  • By increasing the efficiency of all your quality improvements, you can optimize resources to drive results that matter.
  • Use these unique and powerful tools to manage multiple initiatives and empower teams to work together more effectively.

"Practices immediately see their data in run charts that depict performance and can act on it immediately to guide interventions. You don’t get that from spreadsheets.”  

Angie Halaja-Henriques, Program Director
New Jersey Academy of Family Physicians

SimpleQI is the right choice for...

  • Learning Collaboratives looking for a better way to turn data into improvement and leverage shared-learning between teams.
  • Quality Improvement Programs in single or multi-site hospitals wanting better visibility into the many improvement efforts underway.
  • Residency Programs with quality improvement requirements that need to make more time to learn and collaborate.
  • Improvement Communities who share learnings to drive real improvement through tested and proven changes.

"SimpleQI is one of the most user-friendly websites I've utilized. It is easy to follow and intuitive for teams to find and share data with each other. I truly appreciate when I get questions about the content and analysis of data for a project rather than how to use a new platform." 

Olamide Kolawole, Project Manager
Health Leads

Pricing that works

Our flexible approach to pricing allows you to tailor a package that fits your specific needs.
  • No per user charge, encouraging collaboration.
  • Monthly or annual subscriptions — you choose!
  • Discounted pricing available for residency programs.
  • Significantly less expensive than competitors’ products.

Our Team

Michael Iantosca

With 25+ years in healthcare, Michael has helped organizations like Harvard Pilgrim Health Care (HPHC), Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) and Health Dialog deliver digital products to their customers. Founding SimpleQI in January 2017, his passion for building innovative products continues.

Heather Lattanzio

Prior to founding SimpleQI, Heather spent 10+ years with the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) delivering solutions focused on business and quality improvement. She brings close to 3 decades of experience continuously improving software systems and the processes by which they are created.